Fathom Vol 2



Inside Cover



Michael Bolton (2)
Paul Tyndall (2)
Shelagh Ross  
Kim Storey
Greig Dymond
Margot Tyndall (2)
Steven Gregoris (2)
Alistair Highet
Christopher Mitchell (2)
Paul Deagle
H.M. Peter Westin


Andrew Potter




Margot Tyndall



Summer at St. Margaret's Bay

Hot summer evenings
The old people would languish
On the veranda
Looking out to the bay below,
Quiet with the fullness of the day.
And we would run down
Over the train tracks
That ran through the blueberry fields
To the waterhole beneath the bridge.
The grey mounds of granite
Were cool and comforting
As we walked barefoot over them
To slip gratefully into the navy water
That swirled in under the trestle
From the ocean.
Later, we would huddle together
In salty towels
Surrendering with the day
As it went out gracefully
Trailing the last pale clouds of summer.



you accuse me
of a coldness
an unwillingness to listen
to your brightest dreams
that it is I
who once took out
your best dreams
-slightly tarnished­-
and put them back
into your heart
once again
with the gift
of my love
for the gift
of yours.


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