Fathom Vol 2



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Michael Bolton (2)
Paul Tyndall (2)
Shelagh Ross  
Kim Storey
Greig Dymond
Margot Tyndall (2)
Steven Gregoris (2)
Alistair Highet
Christopher Mitchell (2)
Paul Deagle
H.M. Peter Westin


Andrew Potter






Volume 2, Number 1.



I would like to thank the contributors who appear in the third issue of FATHOM for their continued interest and support. Although we were limited to  only one issue this year, the material published in this volume is encouraging in its quality. The number of submissions received has been growing each term; it is hoped that this increased interest is indicative of a desire to establish a literary magazine at Dalhousie and that those writers who have been previously reluctant to contribute material will be inspired to do so in the future. Submissions which were not chosen for publication in this issue will be returned upon request: enquiries should be directed to The Editor, Fathom, Department of English.


Editor: Margot Tyndall
Associate Editors: Greig Dymond
     Alistair Highet
     Steven Gregoris
     Paul Tyndall
Faculty Advisor: Professor A. Wainwright
Cover Design: John Paul Westin

Once again, would like to thank Gina Wilkins for her assistance in the production of this issue.

We would like to thank the Faculty of Arts for the partial funding of this magazine.

No portion of this magazine may be reprinted without the permission of the editors or the authors concerned.



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