Fathom Vol 2



Inside Cover



Michael Bolton (2)
Paul Tyndall (2)
Shelagh Ross  
Kim Storey
Greig Dymond
Margot Tyndall (2)
Steven Gregoris (2)
Alistair Highet
Christopher Mitchell (2)
Paul Deagle
H.M. Peter Westin


Andrew Potter




Alistair Highet



A Distant Mirror

Tainted gifts do Grecians bear
of gilded verse and venders cries
To lure those who would “unaware”
consent to sordid alibis

Talons of the Peacock maul
the flesh, and spill the frosted pit
Where be the one who promised all?
He’s gone and left the lamp unlit

Palsied limbs in darkened aisles
leave footprints in the bone-grey dust
Which time and circumstance defiles
then blows away with mute disgust

But I am young, I shall arise
break through the crust of Mother Earth
Who yearns to render paralize
but can’t, so fosters my rebirth


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