Fathom Vol 2



Inside Cover



Michael Bolton (2)
Paul Tyndall (2)
Shelagh Ross  
Kim Storey
Greig Dymond
Margot Tyndall (2)
Steven Gregoris (2)
Alistair Highet
Christopher Mitchell (2)
Paul Deagle
H.M. Peter Westin


Andrew Potter




Steven Gregoris



Alexandria, Egypt

on the glass-cased balcony
we take our breakfast meal,
a small loaf of plain bread
jam, and strong coffee

eyes like infants
looking out
at the watercolours
brushed onto the breezy morning,

low clouds over the sea
like white flannel

scrawny gulls
arc oddly through gusts of air

beach strewn with tattered children
pressing their palms
into the dirty sand,

yesterday we breathed in
the dark aromas of the market,
fish and spices

honey cakes
in this city
of baguettes and Roman catacombs,

this morning
I saw love
scribbled madly
onto the rumpled bedsheets

and now I am grazed
by exhilaration

like the men on these jammed streets at night
when they see your smooth body.


black hole (or, the Morphs watch TV)

a dot appears
it stretches into a thin line
the line expands vertically
it becomes a square.

now the Morphs come into the picture:

two are transformed
in awe of the animation
of the square’s coloured polka-dots,

one irons underwear
into neat shapes
while digesting
love triangles and linear subplots,

the last formulates theories
on the trajectories and ballistics
of the pointed oval.

in the bluish hues
of this entranced quiet,
this compressed atmosphere,

at the flick of a prime index digit

the square flattens
into a thin pancake

then shrinks

the dot


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