Fathom Vol 2



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Michael Bolton (2)
Paul Tyndall (2)
Shelagh Ross  
Kim Storey
Greig Dymond
Margot Tyndall (2)
Steven Gregoris (2)
Alistair Highet
Christopher Mitchell (2)
Paul Deagle
H.M. Peter Westin


Andrew Potter




Michael Bolton



Icarus at the Aerodrome

These are no ordinary eyes
which sweep the sky, deadpan
motionless in their wide orbits
like cold and empty planets
intent on sighting prey
And these no human arms surely
clad in feathers, cast-off splints
and old candle-wax harnessed
to the sloping light that drops
from a clear blistered sun.
But what consolation can you offer
a madman; an invention
whose mind is seared
by raging gulls that wheel in air,
who feels the sea-breeze clutch
far pinnacles of white
drifting back steadily from shore
The body is poised above rock
upthrust as winds deepen,
edges crest and fold prepared
for the still blue-angle of flight:
like a proud effigy hung
from burning rooftops
the eyes flicker once -
and descend into mortality.


Anatomy of a Killer


high cheekbones, receding hairline
eyes of flecked-light pacing restlessly
in the distance
mouth open to gullet fed a slacked
line of disconnection
hands broken nerve-fibres caught
twisting in a hammer blow.


sprouting in Adam’s field
showered with snake-urine
fertilized by Cain’s dung and
cropped swollen by Hollywood logos or
otherwise distilled:
a flawed crystal set
in cracked and shifting


I ache
a bullet in my brain
through the deep furrows that
scar the sky like
a weed or urban astronaut
under the gravity of
vacant carlots.
cried out once long ago
urgently translated
to an irrational number shot
counting backwards into
dividing, redividing words sealed forever
in untouched, unspoken compartments swung
shut the final door and pulsed
the fatal question:
received no answering stimulus.


Spark, Spark
   said the trigger
and fell under
   the eclipsed sun
of his mind


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