Fathom Vol 1(2)



Inside Cover



Richard Lemm (2)
Brent Bambury (3)
Vernon Provencal (2)
Larry Gaudet
Paul Smith (2)
Wolf Hochbruck (2)
Margot Griffiths
Paul Tyndall
Greg McSweeney (2)
Greig Dymond
Paul Deagle




Paul Tyndall



Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

All the colors of arrival
have faded here.
Only the blood within me
remains true, black and

diminishing, unravelling
into wind, into sound.
I have come too far.
Or perhaps not far enough.

Though the moon is my shadow
I will not wander, I once said.
Yet make no mistake, I counter,
I am not now without you.

Though the moon is my shadow,
I will not stray.


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