Fathom Vol 1(2)



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Richard Lemm (2)
Brent Bambury (3)
Vernon Provencal (2)
Larry Gaudet
Paul Smith (2)
Wolf Hochbruck (2)
Margot Griffiths
Paul Tyndall
Greg McSweeney (2)
Greig Dymond
Paul Deagle




Greg McSweeney



Thin and Rich

A trillion dreams,
At least that many, maybe more
I’ve had and seen them crushed
By heels, crunched like shiny
Beetles in blister packs as
Vacuum-tight as spaceship doors.

(The heels are mine, the little
Impossibilities and lies that
Sabotage with fiction, seeding
Schemes with dull weeds.)

Tomorrow’s reprieve breeds
A trillion credos hinged
On luck and guts.

Let me be thin and rich
All of my days,
Each new dream a knee in the crotch of a sign­-
Bearer with Live For Now in his clutch,
Each blow for the someday an offering to
The queen in my card reading, true love.

In time, I would carry her sleeve.

So I should marry the moment? the weather
And wounds of this hour, this day, and take
Invitations to dine in hotel rooms?
I think of the figure on tiptoe waiting
With a torch in water tunnels underground,
Having crushed a trillion dreams, and waiting
For a hundred trillion more;

They scurry to the flame
Each on three pairs of legs.


A Timeless Romance

I used to think the blood must rush
To your brain, the way you hang;
I’ve long since left off wondering
You get saner and saner.

So I come down through the attic hatch
At every daybreak, doctoring my neck
With numb fingertips, and fill the bath
And swill a glass of tomato juice I suck

Through a straw, and laze and soak
Gazing up at the ceiling, knowing
Why this must be like this, and how
To pluck you from the rafters.


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