Fathom Vol 1(2)



Inside Cover



Richard Lemm (2)
Brent Bambury (3)
Vernon Provencal (2)
Larry Gaudet
Paul Smith (2)
Wolf Hochbruck (2)
Margot Griffiths
Paul Tyndall
Greg McSweeney (2)
Greig Dymond
Paul Deagle




Margot Griffiths



The Collection

I have no need for secrets.
I am a woman without a past.
I have swept all the skeletons
From the corners of my closet.
Every remnant and treasure
That was secretly stown away.
The dragonfly wings
The eagle’s feather
The gilded mongoose
And the duck-billed platypus eggs.
Even the opals that were buried in the yard.
Childish treasures
Fallen from grace with the passing of time,
Only to be added to someone else’s collection
Of eccentricities and insecurities.


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