Fathom Vol 1(2)



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Richard Lemm (2)
Brent Bambury (3)
Vernon Provencal (2)
Larry Gaudet
Paul Smith (2)
Wolf Hochbruck (2)
Margot Griffiths
Paul Tyndall
Greg McSweeney (2)
Greig Dymond
Paul Deagle




Larry Gaudet



When I Played God

It is folklore now, a joke, but
Then my dominion was unlimited;
I seeded clouds with tears and
Dandruff, and used the sun as a desk lamp.

We laugh now, but you were clasped
To the cliff’s slate face, one hand
Clung to a shrub at the edge of a
Rocky alcove. I saw your fears,
To me they were clear and frozen,
Like viewing a spider suspended
In amber.

I no longer carry a staff or own a poncho,
But lone engraved tablets on your eyelids,
And weighted your knapsack with bibles
Of advice till you fell.

Into a downy mass of raven chicks you
Plummeted - only six feet below, a ledge
Hidden from me, The Gatherer of Winds,
Painter of Skies.

And while you fed yellow beaks wafers
Of stale potato chips, I looked into the canyon,
And was amazed when I didn’t see your body
Splattered on the rocks blow.


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