Fathom Vol 1(2)



Inside Cover



Richard Lemm (2)
Brent Bambury (3)
Vernon Provencal (2)
Larry Gaudet
Paul Smith (2)
Wolf Hochbruck (2)
Margot Griffiths
Paul Tyndall
Greg McSweeney (2)
Greig Dymond
Paul Deagle




Paul Deagle




years slipping
and time passing
memory expanding
wondering at all
that has happened
where are the trunks
we packed together
for the exodus home
we needed to make
spring almost finished
and summer’s heat melting
the child-green past
leaving reflections
that blind
all thought to have been seen
is fear mounting
to ride through these days
oh, where is the universe
for I see it not
in me


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