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James Matthews
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Trevor Rockwell



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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 15:28 -0400 (AST)
From: “Trevor W. Rockwell” <trockwel@is.dal.ca>
To: c6v9@unb.ca
Subject: Re: copy

>      I went out for a coffee at an all night cafe if you could call it that.
>Bright lights, clean lemon floors and a garrison of policemen for my protection. I worked on Nabokov like a bucksaw but all had was sawdust. No essay, no “correlated pattern in the game.” It was april when I kissed my cardboard cup good night and left that place. The air was soggy the stars bright. I drove my father’s sedan but before I went home, I thought I’d look at a new sub division that was spreading itself out over the fiddleheads. No houses clung yet to the clean, straight well lit roads. It was a house without furniture. They would gather around that very summer, but now it was just my own maze of marvellous streets in the woods. A deer. That stag stood up before my highlit headlights, two crimson jewels looked at me and nothing moved save the blue haze from the dash from 1:31 to 1:32. I turned my headlights off to see what he would do. His head lowered and my engine followed. The stag sniffed slowly then walked to the car. I felt taut against the seatbelt as I slowly opened the passenger door. An air of expectation, enchantment hung over that Ford; I could not breathe. The stag simply got in. We drove like a carousel that night around an iridescent exhibition park city and nothing passed between us and nothing needed to save the ciga­rettes we shared. Then, at daybreak, I let him out on the side of the road near a quiet, fragrant grove. Only then, in the misty haze of the magic dawn did I realize that he had left dozens of grapelike turds on my seat.


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