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Andy Murdoch and
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Guerrilla Academics

Tired of being pushed around? Feel like a light-­weight when it comes to literary theory? Well, academicians, contemporary literary theory is not as difficult to master as you may think. We here at Fathom have created three new terms you can drop into any seminar which will enable you to finally wow your peers and dominate any highbrow conversation. Finally, with Guerrilla Academics you too can push your intellectual weight around with even the most long-winded jerk.
Po’Mojo: Postmodern Mojo. Two ambiguous terms in one.
     1. Relate it to the sexual dynamics (func­tional or dysfunctional) of any American novel written by a horny male or by Kingsley Amis. E.g., “The principal character’s po’mojo in Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint is definitely not working.”
     2. In a larger sense a Po’Mojo is connected to the irresistibility of Postmodernist theory itself, where Postmodernist critiques lend a sexy and powerful credibility to any theoretician who wields such a fuzzy amulet.

CanonBalls: A noun describing the weight any given writer has within the literary canon. E.g., “That Milton, he’s got real canonballs;” or when describing a writer who is quickly acquiring power in the canon: “Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko is really racking up ‘balls these days in the 17th century field.”

Mediocracy: An “avant-garde” term, used to describe any prevailing system of literary discourse established by a preceding generation of thinkers. “The mediocracy of contemporary British criticism is really interfering with the studies I want to pursue. Irvine Welsh would never put up with this obsolete mode of enquiry.”


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