Fathom Jan. 1997



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Mary-Kate Arnold
Jamie Reynolds
Natalie Meisner


Trevor Rockwell
Rachel Melis
Mark Anderson


Jamie Reynolds
Andy Murdoch
Andre Narbonne
Andy Murdoch and
Jennifer Reynolds


James Matthews
Mitchell Weibe


True Confessions
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Natalie Meisner




rocks slinking underwater
a picture of you ski-jumping spread  eagle
a postcard from Amsterdam
a little boy fishing with no shirt, no socks, no shoes
and circles spreading from his line
a dog with whiskers

this is the good part
sauteed asparagus
me with long hair, not knowing what to do
the smell of fresh paint
you pushing me against the counter
smell of tea
lips, lips and neck only
these are the lines we draw:
the tea when we drank it was finally sold
as I sat on your lab
on a ladder


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