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Mary-Kate Arnold
Jamie Reynolds
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Trevor Rockwell
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Jamie Reynolds
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Andre Narbonne
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Jennifer Reynolds


James Matthews
Mitchell Weibe


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Mary-Kate Arnold



For Stephen, Who, While Working the All Night Shift, Entertained the Idea of Giving Up Poetry

-($50 Fathom Prize)

We two are poets
The unspoken agreement over
Strawberry yoghurt at the
Breakfast table

Up for 32 hours straight;
You’d been thinking about
The calling you missed
Should have been a physicist

Or maybe an astronomer-
Those scientists
They know where it’s at.
When you are old and crotchety

The telescope will be stationed
Permanently by the window in
The bedroom where you will gaze
Until she beckons you to bed;

Because you
(poet eating yoghurt after
pondering science for 32 hours)
Have kicked at skin softly

With more women than I can
count on these slim fingers of
mine and this is not the life
of an astronomer


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