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Kirby Best (3)
Michael Da Silva (2)
Jean-Marc Prévost
Heather Ingram and Alana Paul
Eli Burnstein (2)
Chris Rice
Benjamin Mitchell (2)


Amos Sarrouy
Vincenzo A. Ravina
Jesse Hilz
Ashleigh Gaul


Alex Picot-Annand


Chris Rice



Early Autumn

Green leaves curl their fingers into arched hearts
As an infant would draw soft nourishment—
Messy peas carefully collected
In grasping hands while a lazy clock
has long since stopped Apollo’s swift rounds.

I know this golden haze on my window
Does not belong to him; there’s dust in
The corners and on its surface that
Speckle those green leaves still filled with desire.
But some branches above, the first leaves of
Fall already hang limp with red decay,
Tracing the veins of harpies’ feet that a
Child could laugh at in the glow of warm day.

They’ll bow and drop before the others
Even blush at such dexterous foresight.
And I feel that I too might leave from where
Belonging was some waning dream behind a
Window of dull Faustian delights.

There is no nexus here—no word or key;
The banshee’s screaming beckons drowsy ears
Down from their summit,
Down from that vision or sleep of timelessness,
Bracing for a gaze of indifference:
Glancing back at canvassed blank eyes bound in
The same unrest; wondering, what
Motion in brushstrokes could stir this Madonna’s
Slumber and hush the brooding song
Of an autumn soul?


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