Fathom 2007



Inside Cover



Kirby Best (3)
Michael Da Silva (2)
Jean-Marc Prévost
Heather Ingram and Alana Paul
Eli Burnstein (2)
Chris Rice
Benjamin Mitchell (2)


Amos Sarrouy
Vincenzo A. Ravina
Jesse Hilz
Ashleigh Gaul


Alex Picot-Annand


Jean-Marc Prévost




Hey, Anger,
How is business?
Do you laugh when we quit,
When we get so confused that we split,
Or are you content in knowing,
No one will be there to catch us when we slip?

Hey, Sorrow,
How are the preparations?
Have you scheduled all of the endings
With us gripped in tears?
At least remind us of our fears,
It’d be a shame to let us forget the infinite
—wouldn’t it?

Hey Cupid,
How are the games?
Have you shot down all your victims?
Pierced their hearts with a curiosity
That bites and bleeds on their sleeve,
Never knowing when to quit?

Hey Past, Present and Future,
How do you like this masquerade?
Is it stirring the passion on your face?
Boiling the breath on the tip of your tongue,
Perhaps dancing some steam on your nose,
Do you even hear the sounds of men being hung?

Hey Resolution,
How do you see this plot ending?
Will the sun rise tomorrow
Bring me news to celebrate,
Or news to curse,
Is it finally the news to save me from knowing
—anything at all?

Hey Everyone,
Can you do me a favour?
When it’s over,
Make me promise to never spoil the magic,
And tell me the answers I cannot handle.


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