Fathom 2007



Inside Cover



Kirby Best (3)
Michael Da Silva (2)
Jean-Marc Prévost
Heather Ingram and Alana Paul
Eli Burnstein (2)
Chris Rice
Benjamin Mitchell (2)


Amos Sarrouy
Vincenzo A. Ravina
Jesse Hilz
Ashleigh Gaul


Alex Picot-Annand


Heather Ingram and Alana Paul



Chivalry is Dead

I’m inviting you, to break it down,
to feel the beat, the heat, to play my game.
It’s a midnight sport, where our bodies pound
the floor, we see ourselves without names.

We act, out our affection. The redlight
rhythm raps our script, stuck on repeat.
That guy and girl grinding to invite;
you and I delight in spite. Repeat.

My mission, sole ambition, is to
please you, tease you, feed my fire, this desire.
Be mine this time, I’m hung up on you –
caught up in the game of cat and mouse.

We behave in ways, to some, cliché.
Our midnight soirees, take the pain away.


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