Fathom 2007



Inside Cover



Kirby Best (3)
Michael Da Silva (2)
Jean-Marc Prévost
Heather Ingram and Alana Paul
Eli Burnstein (2)
Chris Rice
Benjamin Mitchell (2)


Amos Sarrouy
Vincenzo A. Ravina
Jesse Hilz
Ashleigh Gaul


Alex Picot-Annand


Michael Da Silva



James Dean Guerrilla Warfare

The revolution ended
Not when Fidel became a tyrant
But when Che became a T-shirt salesman

“Hasta la victoria siempre”
Became the new “You’re not my real Dad”
Terror made way for teenage rebellion


I Can Still Find Paradise

I can still find paradise
In this parking lot
When my shopping cart’s full to the brim

In the end it doesn’t matter
If I run a marathon
Or just watch one on TV


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