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Kirby Best (3)
Michael Da Silva (2)
Jean-Marc Prévost
Heather Ingram and Alana Paul
Eli Burnstein (2)
Chris Rice
Benjamin Mitchell (2)


Amos Sarrouy
Vincenzo A. Ravina
Jesse Hilz
Ashleigh Gaul


Alex Picot-Annand


Kirby Best



January #6

They are shattered themselves
Chewing listless
on whiskey soaked petals.
Hoping for a glimpse
of that machine milled freedom.
These are Dancing girls
and Dancing men,
“Aren’t we all?” she shouts
Over the waves,
rolling up
against the bar.
“All what?”
Her fingers pressed together
then dipped
into the air resting
on the worn shoulder
of early evening.

September (#15)

I want to get high and listen to baseball games
on long heavy afternoons.
care about things I stopped caring
about around the time orange crush
lost the magnitude of its flavor.
Again, again to brush up against that kind of electric breeze,
skipping in and skipping out (of possibility)
on the front lawn between the trees.

Again again all that these things can end up being:
Love songs for impossible sunshine,
those moments recaptured infrequently
in the first sips of dusk’s red wine
and sometimes even in the silence
straining anchors ‘gainst the dawn
when the light seeps in and greets parts of me
I assumed that long ago had gone.


February #14

Chewing on inedible love songs
that taste like I imagine the grass
that grows along highway medians would
Borrowing a rhythm packed
in a brown leather suitcase,
and nestled
between poems scribbled on a prescription pad
and her sun dress
She dances in the saturated gravel
in that kind of mid-century light,
We tell our life stories at the side of the road
She tells me about how she used
to lie awake at night trying to imagine
what the end of infinity might look like.

“I don’t care about infinity anymore,
It’s too tiring
Mostly Now, I’d just like to keep moving”


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