Fathom 2006



Inside Cover




Wesley Colbath (2)
Colby Gaudet (3)
Ami Harbin
Chrissy King (2)
Jean-Marc Prevost
Sarah Robart
Heather E. Thomson (2)
Johanna Bargman



Melissa Barr
Deanna Foster


Jean-Marc Prevost




‘O Time! ‘0 connoisseur and conspirator,
With bruised black leather gloves
You steal our hands
To weave the future with your own
Digging in the past
While the present cowers behind

Does thou madness have a method?
For if it did
– And knowingly we subsided
How would we then compare
To those who have ridden the Horse of Passion
Jolted, and jousted with its eternal enemy
And have afterwards proclaimed:
‘T’is not for you to conquer me, nor to weather my storm!’

They, who overcame the madness
Without knowing the specific method
By finding in it weakness.
And when asked,
Where the Kingly Stead lead?
They responded simply with a smile,

Love’s right turn
Can only be trot by a beast
– With a rider who can forgive passion
See pain dashed with hope
And pleasure alive with it

It is not in idleness
That we come to the Great Pyramids,
The Caverns of Thought,
Or the monuments cast in their likeness
Life exists in the identity
Moulded by one’s self
But it is the responsibility of man
To cast off the corrosive hands of Time
To push the present to the knees of the King
And allow the past to retreat.
The future will meet us,
And so shall the present come bucking
–To greet it head on



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