Fathom 2006



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Wesley Colbath (2)
Colby Gaudet (3)
Ami Harbin
Chrissy King (2)
Jean-Marc Prevost
Sarah Robart
Heather E. Thomson (2)
Johanna Bargman



Melissa Barr
Deanna Foster


Colby Gaudet



Night Birds

I had a dream last night of Peter Pan,
      I can’t tell the truth from the fairy tale anymore­––
(now that morning has come).
the room was crowded,
black and white pieces moving into CHECK.
You had your hands on me.
Breathless and sweating,
      I had palms full of your skin & hair;
mouthfuls of your teeth and tongue.
Orbiting bodies revolving like a creation story,
something was about to come into being.

A hardness was in the air,
a hard force in you & me pushing like prehistory­––
      a falling, an embracing,
      a fucking, a scarring.
(the sharpness of your shoulder blades in my hands
won’t let me forget).

The night sky was full of pterodactyls
and exotic birds of paradise from foreign lands
      whose cries i did not recognize.
Their wings were steaming as the air was cooling­––
there was something there I could not identify.


The Same

The force with which the shoe rushed [soared, was flung] through
the air towards you
is the same force with which I want to fuck you;
it is the same force with which I want to shake you;
arouse you.
The momentum gathered on its ten-foot flight in your direction is
the same
as the force that first slung us into orbit.
A fiery comet, you spend centuries hidden from view, veiled in ice.
A shoe would do
to replicate your might upon re-entering my solar system.

The force with which the shoe flew [was thrown, propelled itself]
through the air towards you is the same weighted force of my
to hold your face against my palm, to razor your tongue with mine.
One more night and I would stealthily rob you of your breath.
It is that force that shall be used forever as a gauge against which
to measure future lovers;
can they hurl with such ferocious love? launch such emotional
as to change the seasons or the stars?



There seems to be a place
us  (our bodies)
which has no borders.
       We have struck a new country
which touches no other.
There are no fences to
       separate; no stretching of arms over greener pastures.
If only our moments together
(like planets)
       follow a steadier orbit.
Perhaps then I could be sated until
your reply was ready.
       For now I am
       a comet;
       elliptically burning.
Our skin dances
but mostly
rubs most raw.

this will be all
       we will it to be.



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