Fathom 2006



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Wesley Colbath (2)
Colby Gaudet (3)
Ami Harbin
Chrissy King (2)
Jean-Marc Prevost
Sarah Robart
Heather E. Thomson (2)
Johanna Bargman



Melissa Barr
Deanna Foster


Johanna Bargman



To Be so Foreign to the Skin

To be so foreign to the skin wherein
You sit, to wander the ice road alone
Contented in the pit of your own sin,
Contented perching there upon your throne;
To watch you wade through wild flower and weed,
To squeeze them under your boots to their grave:
Your prints in the bog, your sins on their seed,
The wild flower and weed, they forgave.
Be you no devil, for you hear their cries,
Though no foolish hope could dare to ignite
This fire that has been snuffed out in your eyes:
This ink blot of land, this year without light.
You, yet to touch the centre of sorrow,
Will collapse among their graves tomorrow.



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