Fathom 2005



Inside Cover



Sara Squires (2)
Ann Leslie (2)
Jennifer Clarke
Patricia Murray
Kari Gunderson
Heather E. Thomson
B.D. Mitchell
Wesley Colbath
Brooke Gray
Christopher Misura
Robyn Goldsmith
Michael Kimber
Italian Stallion
Oghomwen Ehigie
B. C. Hackett
Deanna Foster
Jonathan Rotztain
Sarah Lofton


Jonathan Rotztain
Robyn Goldsmith
Sonjel Vreeland
Connor Robinson


Sara Loften




Sketch figure eight patterns in the air
With your hula hoop hips

Bleed fertile beads of sweat
Down the small of your back

Slither your finger tips
Down the sides of your supple breasts

Command their attention
Prevent their gaze from slipping away

Sing the blues with the thrust
Of your fleshy belly

Bake the music in your oven
Until the cadence is slow and steady

Sink your feet into the floor
And let the rhythm guide your step

Command their attention
Prevent their gaze from slipping away

Sling your long brown hair
Over your shoulder

Burn the inhibitions from your body
And relax your wrinkled forehead

Serenade me with your swivel
With your sigh
With your smell

Dance virgin dance
The night is young
And so are you


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