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Ann Leslie (2)
Jennifer Clarke
Patricia Murray
Kari Gunderson
Heather E. Thomson
B.D. Mitchell
Wesley Colbath
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Christopher Misura
Robyn Goldsmith
Michael Kimber
Italian Stallion
Oghomwen Ehigie
B. C. Hackett
Deanna Foster
Jonathan Rotztain
Sarah Lofton


Jonathan Rotztain
Robyn Goldsmith
Sonjel Vreeland
Connor Robinson


B.C. Hackett



One Night I Lost Myself in a Bottle of Scotch

One night I lost myself
In a bottle of scotch.
To spite the eyes of time
I threw away my watch,
To spite the eyes of angels
Over my head
I found a young devil
And took her to bed.

One night I found myself
Stumbling, confused;
The wind tried to carry me
But I refused.
A man walked beside me,
His face never showed,
I woke up the next morning
On the side of the road.

I met an old man
In a darkened roadside bar;
He sang songs of loneliness
On his old guitar.
I brought him to the graveyard
Where he laid by a grave,
He looked into my eyes
And said, “Now I am saved.”

This drink in my right hand
I bring to my lips,
It tightens my head
And loosens my hips.
My vices I don’t feel
The need to defend.
This drink is my starting,
This drink is my end.


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