Fathom 2005



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Sara Squires (2)
Ann Leslie (2)
Jennifer Clarke
Patricia Murray
Kari Gunderson
Heather E. Thomson
B.D. Mitchell
Wesley Colbath
Brooke Gray
Christopher Misura
Robyn Goldsmith
Michael Kimber
Italian Stallion
Oghomwen Ehigie
B. C. Hackett
Deanna Foster
Jonathan Rotztain
Sarah Lofton


Jonathan Rotztain
Robyn Goldsmith
Sonjel Vreeland
Connor Robinson


Robyn Goldsmith



The Chain Link Fence

The way bodies burn
in time to music as marionettes
and face each other.

Through binoculars
two pairs of eyes collide
on different continents

A hand lifts a pen
to write words
that have no meaning

        Now all the world
        Is a chain link fence
        And all your words
                        Are sorrow.

the light shone that day­–
        and you’d say it was because the sun was out.
well it wasn’t.
        because that was the day I tore it down.
        that was the day the world went dark.

you’d say that was the day the cat died­–
        well it didn’t really die but I killed it.
        I killed it but I didn’t watch it die.

and you’d ask me to put on some music
        but I couldn’t because I’d erased all the songs we ever knew
        and the ones we’d danced to.

someone would come over and find us–
        ­me bearing a knife.
        you as an accidental casualty
        to my accidental lunacy.

the two of us like two stolen metaphors
for a lightning moment
an epiphany of uncertainty


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