Fathom 2005



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Sara Squires (2)
Ann Leslie (2)
Jennifer Clarke
Patricia Murray
Kari Gunderson
Heather E. Thomson
B.D. Mitchell
Wesley Colbath
Brooke Gray
Christopher Misura
Robyn Goldsmith
Michael Kimber
Italian Stallion
Oghomwen Ehigie
B. C. Hackett
Deanna Foster
Jonathan Rotztain
Sarah Lofton


Jonathan Rotztain
Robyn Goldsmith
Sonjel Vreeland
Connor Robinson


Wesley Colbath




curved as the tongue must join the roof of a mouth in your birth,

i see you in the alluring figure of the young flamenco dancer,
her shiny locks of sienna hair waving
as her confident steps write a staccato symphony

lithely bold,
you defy the linear
rolling confidently like the marbles of schoolchildren

the jealous who glare at you and the words you adorn
are forgotten as quickly
as that juicy t-bone steak,
as Veronica the waitress stoops
to pick up someone’s dropped receipt.


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