Fathom 2004



Inside Cover



Sean Smith
Wyley Hennick (2)
Michael Bennett
Chantelle Rip
Julie Perkins (2)
Mark MACDonnell
John Parker
Brooke Gray (2)
Misty De Meo
William Conklin
Oliver Charboonean (2)
Jennifer Clarke


Alex Hollenberg
Chantelle Rip
Mark MACDonnell


Julie Perkins



I never met him

Your friend
I think you may have pointed him out-introducing me to his smile from across the room
Moving like wild fire through a crowd
You lived with him and counted the number of pills he took
And midnight phone calls he made-otherwise silent in his cry for help
The note he wrote
Removed from your room the year before
Found its way to mine
His lines transcending past words on paper
I now realize that it was meant for me to tell you that everything is connected
You and me
And that smile
Covered by snow and dirt
Two years later


Kissing with our Eyes and Eating Grapefruit like Oranges

It hasn’t been that long
That this rain could have been falling
When you had your broken arm
And the bus provided the only lines
Of communication
You said never trust anyone
Who kisses with their eyes open
Until you saw that I did it too.
Divvying up a grapefruit
I said I ate it
In slices with no sugar
“Like an orange” you said
Yeah like an orange.


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