Fathom 2004



Inside Cover



Sean Smith
Wyley Hennick (2)
Michael Bennett
Chantelle Rip
Julie Perkins (2)
Mark MACDonnell
John Parker
Brooke Gray (2)
Misty De Meo
William Conklin
Oliver Charboonean (2)
Jennifer Clarke


Alex Hollenberg
Chantelle Rip
Mark MACDonnell


Mark MACDonnell




The whole in natural hues,
Browns and greens coincide with blues.
The sounds which come are not but still,
The world they seem to fill.

The wind it bears not a scent,
As if not a place went.
I feel the whole of it about me,
As if it and I are now we.

Sweetness rests upon my tongue,
And yet no air within my lungs.
Into this new place I now go,
My soul feels no need for false show.

Here now forever to rest,
Retum’d to Her sweet caress.
This plane I do now take my leave,
From pain and torment am I cleav’d.


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