Fathom 2004



Inside Cover



Sean Smith
Wyley Hennick (2)
Michael Bennett
Chantelle Rip
Julie Perkins (2)
Mark MACDonnell
John Parker
Brooke Gray (2)
Misty De Meo
William Conklin
Oliver Charboonean (2)
Jennifer Clarke


Alex Hollenberg
Chantelle Rip
Mark MACDonnell


Wyley Hennick



Never wanted something more

Never wanted something more,
Then I want this.
Come back to my room,
For another passionate kiss.



The sun fades

The sun fades,
The trees stand still.
The beauty sets,
But rise again it will.
Colours fill the empty sky,
Soon the moon will rise.
The stars will fill the blackness, a sight for all our eyes.
It now slowly moves,
Dropping below the trees.
The pinks and purples that fill the sky,
Everyone sees.
Now the sky is a soft blue,
A gentle calm can be seen.
With one last burst of energy,
the colours complete the scene.
The clouds turn pink,
And the water is smooth.
Gazing in the opposite direction,
The moon begins to move.
The darkness falls,
Like the day before.
But the sun will be back again,
And set many times more.


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