Fathom 2004



Inside Cover



Sean Smith
Wyley Hennick (2)
Michael Bennett
Chantelle Rip
Julie Perkins (2)
Mark MACDonnell
John Parker
Brooke Gray (2)
Misty De Meo
William Conklin
Oliver Charboonean (2)
Jennifer Clarke


Alex Hollenberg
Chantelle Rip
Mark MACDonnell


Oliver Charboonean



<duplex, across the street two houses to the left>

buckets of water poured
over a dormant face,
the tabs of acid
pulsing in your brain
without response.
a memorable year,
split down the center
by that six month
unconscious bout +
a sister who ruined
chapter six of her
algebra text,
flying from her hands
when the bus hit.

cheap city tanning beds
birthplace to the melanoma,
thick as a nickel,
which spread itself
like a coffee stain
across your mother’s back.
a second memorable year,
jobless husband + father
in a new house with wide
doorways. wondering
how one gets by
with cut health insurance
+ dead families.


<relating to the public>

softly glowing teleprompters
give off the warm embrace
of cut + plastic speeches
that flow smoothly from well-groomed
speakers sporting a brand of self-assurance
that smells of fallacy.
a temporary calm,
as though the embrace of a casual lover,
enters our collective being­–
bringing comfort that accompanies
the buzzwords + the catchphrases.
a couple days where the trivial
can maintain center stage.
PR agencies furrow their brows,
trying to make those couple days
a lifetime.

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