Fathom 2004



Inside Cover



Sean Smith
Wyley Hennick (2)
Michael Bennett
Chantelle Rip
Julie Perkins (2)
Mark MACDonnell
John Parker
Brooke Gray (2)
Misty De Meo
William Conklin
Oliver Charboonean (2)
Jennifer Clarke


Alex Hollenberg
Chantelle Rip
Mark MACDonnell


Michael Bennett



On a Model of Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s cloak triangularly froze
And, like a Gothic Saint’s angelic pose,
In rivulets down-patterned, crissed and crossed,
And in my fancy dwelt subsist, embossed.
On subfusc thought a subfusc scratching drave
In my mind’s eye, which my mind’s iris stave,
Whence high above in sloppy, frumpy clothes
My gazing pendantly aped old Foucault’s;
Admirable in Virgil, eye as bee,
A blue-blurr slubbered subcutaneously.
Like timpani, each subject vision glommed
A thunderous cavilling uniquely bombed,
So, supermanly, ruptive rays from face
All overtip, all wreak and rend and space.
So, where a singing scarlet-hair and chin
To me commend a lovely love to win,
A thousand-million surgic urges rake
And checker-board of friendliness the brake:
A worried boskage, whirring pheasants’ hame,
Where sullen Styxmen under flame.
A vatic prick the evil to throw off
Inspired my face at Vader-robe to cough,
And, though the plastic robe in stasis clung,
The robe I whipped and blustered by my lung;
And I, testacious Sith, catharticly,
The stillness drilled on model and on me,
Riveting shale on shramming ligature,
Where claims of nature fatuously were.


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