Fathom 2003



Inside Cover




Patrick Pearce (2)
Eva Holland (4)
Julie MacManus (2)
Michelle Damour
Myka Tucker Abramsonmn (2)
Jordan Penney
Brad MacDonald
Kate Buttery (3)
Nikiki Martain
Bethany Jost
Joshua Cotton
Jasmine Somers/Angela Day
Chantelle Rip



Morgan Dambergs
David Bain


Chantelle Rip



New York Lights

The beginnings of a long night
As rain pours down in sheets to cover the bleeding streets
To drown away the horns
And the constant motions of cars.
The busy bustle that hums and motorizes through all hours
of the day
Into all hours of night
The lights the sights the sounds of it...
The people, the faces
Pushing the races
Get home, get to work make the money, work the bills.
Toil, foil, spoil.
Nights never know silence
Some never know company
Some never know warmth
Some never know love
Only the streets can echo these sentiments.
Hard, hot, now cooling by the water pavement of the
Arteries to every vein of life
It will all filter through
and excreted in the end.
Electricity runs through you and I
As I pass you by
And you slightly brush through
And catch that scent.
Sparks fly!        
Coffee? Dinner?
And yes, of course I will come home with you.
Would I like some Red Cabernet?
I would love some...
Thank you...
I love your place
Music’s great, I love classical
Mozart isn’t it?
I love you
Because you are so beautiful
Strange mysterious eyes
Found on wondering the streets below
Dark hair that enhances the mystery
Reflect on everything that I don’t know hidden from New
York lights
Your subtle voice that sounds like crème
Being poured over my burning body
The slight curve in your gentle smile
That tells me there is more to meet the eye
Everything that I don’t know
Waiting outside New York lights
I want you
I want you so bad, I can taste it.
I know you want me too, so if you want me­
You come and take me.
We dance to melodies
Sweeping my off my feet into weightlessness
Locked into your power
Arms that wrap around
The small of my back supporting
Hands covering skin.
My head is swimming
I am getting dizzy in your spell
All the lights all the nights down below
You are mesmerizing
Spell binding
I am captivated
You haven’t blinked your eyes
I am drunk in delight
Swallowed in senses
Passions playing privately
Don’t stop now––
Dance me into bliss...
Robe me in you  
Taste me
In you
And you and I
In me
Unknown hands sweeps bare back
Sending shivers throughout me
Danger! High voltage!
Looking for an outlet
Be It! Be It!
Gently sliding black dress straps down curving shoulders
My breathing quickens
Struggling to hold on
Spurring your further action
Kissing naked skin
Softly caresses for gentle skin and curves
A tempting nibble here, there
Primal low breathing in the ear
Stokes fires down below
Getting lost in this
Getting lost in you
Getting lost in the sensations I so crave...
Laying me down
but not to sleep
Don’t remember how we got into this room
Don’t remember my dress falling to the floor
Only staring into my eyes
Into my soul
I see you           
You see me ... mysteries revealed
Lick my ear and kiss my lips
All it takes as control is lost
Into you
Fires roar burning gasoline
No regrets
No plastics
All the senses ablaze
No mind
No memory
Warming in the fire, pumping gasoline
Coming closer and closer to an explosion
Staring into me
What do you see?
Rob me blind
Past the boundaries of the Lights
Just for the moment
Eyes are blazing
Intensity is penetrating…
Oh God… I didn’t realize…
Don’t stop;
So slow
Climax at the stop sign
Skidding to a stop
Burning rubber in
your penetrating…Eyes…
Wakeful sirens
Door buzzers in the head
Blurred vision unsteady
Sitting up, swinging feet off
Hitting an unfamiliar floor
I don’t even know his name.


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