Fathom 2003



Inside Cover




Patrick Pearce (2)
Eva Holland (4)
Julie MacManus (2)
Michelle Damour
Myka Tucker Abramsonmn (2)
Jordan Penney
Brad MacDonald
Kate Buttery (3)
Nikiki Martain
Bethany Jost
Joshua Cotton
Jasmine Somers/Angela Day
Chantelle Rip



Morgan Dambergs
David Bain


Jordan Penney



Mary, a Portrait, 1553-58:
A Sonnet.

Stood silent ‘mid vibrant textures faded,
Eyes aged, and weary, for twenty eight, when
Summer’s youth for wintry blue has traded,
The unquiet crown of England - for then:
Composed, stately, in simple hues defined,
Aglow with elegant intensity.
Of articulate reds and blues entwined,
With rings in symmetrical harmony.
Does she too dream of cerulean skies?
In love with hope and struggle and despair?
Prayers unheard for only time replies,
To dreams forever within her ensnared:
Innocence for youth, for joy, young-hearted,
Just sorrow for history departed.


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