Fathom 2003



Inside Cover




Patrick Pearce (2)
Eva Holland (4)
Julie MacManus (2)
Michelle Damour
Myka Tucker Abramsonmn (2)
Jordan Penney
Brad MacDonald
Kate Buttery (3)
Nikiki Martain
Bethany Jost
Joshua Cotton
Jasmine Somers/Angela Day
Chantelle Rip



Morgan Dambergs
David Bain


Patrick Pearce



Streetlights at Dawn

The minutes preceding dawn,
The darkest;
The night refusing to let the day
But alas, a slight chink,
And an orange glow penetrates the black night’s armour,
Bringing victory in a new day.
Above, a tired, still flickering streetlight
Sadly, and sorrowfully, blinks down at me.
This little pawn battled the darkness,
Alone, dauntless,
Fighting to shield us from
The vicious blackness.
But the, our white night emerges,
And we are saved.
These pawns now forgotten, worthless to us peasants.
Before its complete burn-out though,
The streetlight winks at me,
And grins, knowing
The black night will attack again,
And we will call upon these lights to shine;
To protect us once again from the evil night.


Walking In the Woods

Upon a trampled path I came;
Dried footprints in the hard clay.
I stood and pondered awhile:
Shall I do the same?

The decision was reached,
To walk the natural trail.
I promised to tread lightly,
A contract that was not breached.

For hours I chased
Over rocks, branches and trees.
Nature’s pristine beauty, From my head
Will never be erased:

A piece of tissue paper
Lay near a pine, alongside some empty bottles.
A sign in a clearing:
“To be developed later.”

From that same open space,
A high-rise in the distance
Over-looked the forest,
As if wanting to over-take this place.

From above, a robin’s nest,
Built hastily with candy wrapper.
Even they, I suppose,
Have to make the best.

A drizzle began to dampen
All that surrounded me:
Trees, animals, soil, and spirits.
Nothing left to abandon.


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