Fathom 2003



Inside Cover




Patrick Pearce (2)
Eva Holland (4)
Julie MacManus (2)
Michelle Damour
Myka Tucker Abramsonmn (2)
Jordan Penney
Brad MacDonald
Kate Buttery (3)
Nikiki Martain
Bethany Jost
Joshua Cotton
Jasmine Somers/Angela Day
Chantelle Rip



Morgan Dambergs
David Bain


Julie MacManus




Why does iridescence charm us so?
Shining shimmering dragonfly
With lapis wings and graceful hovering.
Peacock’s gorgeous plume,
Hera’s fear made fowl as flesh.
Oscillating rainbow on oil skimmed puddle
Quivering of dew-daubed spider’s web,
Arachne with her never ceasing shuttle
Another Sisyphus, like all the rest.
Tantalising luminescence
Luring us towards what is, and what is not,
Where light begets lighter,
And bright yields to brighter yet.


Andromache’s Song

Come, Sappho, lay aside your lyre,
And sit beside me here.
Just for a while,
Oh yes, and kiss me soft behind my ear.

Your lips can meet this no-man’s land of flesh,
Where downy hair yields to bare smooth skin.
There Hector kissed our young son
Before leaving us,
Bereaving us and the walls of Ilium.

Come, kiss me in this warm and fragrant space
Where smell and taste and touch embrace
In silence.
O save me from that shuddering sound
His child’s body as it hits the ground
Outside the walls of Ilium.
That dull thud
When human flesh impacts on horse thrown mud
In one eternal drum beat.

Say instead it was a sack of barley hurled
That noise I heard.
Yes, barley or maybe oats.
Oats, not Astynax, just not my son.
For mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs....

O Sappho, why do you hesitate?
Come now, move this damp lock of hair aside,
A wanton flown the confines of her coif.
See, she beckons you, all limp and lying, full of grace.
Come, kiss me, lie to me,
Nuzzle me as a foal her dam.
Sappho, do not turn away
Let me hear you say, “Andromache, I come.”


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