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Patrick Pearce (2)
Eva Holland (4)
Julie MacManus (2)
Michelle Damour
Myka Tucker Abramsonmn (2)
Jordan Penney
Brad MacDonald
Kate Buttery (3)
Nikiki Martain
Bethany Jost
Joshua Cotton
Jasmine Somers/Angela Day
Chantelle Rip



Morgan Dambergs
David Bain


Eva Holland


I have been one acquainted with the night

“I have been one acquainted with the night.”
     -Robert Frost, from “Acquainted with the Night”

I have been one acquainted
with the night, heard the secrets
of the wind to the leaves,
whispered above my head,

and seen the sky kneel down
to meet the lake’s surface,
under darkness too deep
for anyone to know the difference.

I have counted stars
until I lost myself in them,
and watched clouds chase
across the moon.


A loon’s call skips
across the darkened water;
I do not reply,
but he and I share a truth:
life’s details become clear
only when the sun goes down


Highway 15, in a rainstorm

The night feels emptier
in the rain;

windshield wipers keep time
to music that trickles from the radio,

and the car engine is muffled
by the heavy drizzle.

Small toads venture out from tangled bushes
to feel the drops slide down their backs;

white bellies reflect in my high beams
as they leap out of my path,

and not even their joy in the rain
makes the night less alone.


Derek, 1982-1999

He has to be a friend
          of a friend
to make it real
to make me feel
      the loss of young life.

He has to be cute
     blue eyes
before they closed with death,
blue-eyed twin brother alone, bereft
      of half a shared soul

before I realize the depth of pain.

internal combustion engine
blood alcohol pouring
       overflowing 0.08%

Metal crumpled by the side
of the road,
        like fallen streamers
at a New Year’s party.


of Cretan girls

The grass bent to the shape of our feet,
bare in the darkness,
in the thick quiet of night.
We danced and ran together.

Bare in the darkness,
smiling under moonlight,
we danced and ran together,
when even the insects slept.

Smiling under moonlight,
in the thick quiet of night,
when even the insects slept,
the grass bent to the shape of our feet.


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