Fathom 2002



Inside Cover




Kate Buttery (3)
Julie Perkins(5)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee (2)
Kirsten Horn
John W. Parker (2)
Elena Krasnova
Jonathan Samuel (3)
Sarah Riley
Melodie Umanetz
Olivia Brown and Jessica Young
Fergus J. O'Connor V, Esq. (2)
Gareth Robinson
Charles Ryan (2)
Solange Hupe (4)
Dani Anna Jansen (2)



Angela Pratt
Travis West


Jonathan Samuel



[Poised on edge]

Poised on edge
against an azure sky,
the ocean's calm does console
the waves as they try
not to brake.
Illustrious scenery
ignites the dawn
and brings balance to
those acute walls
enclosed in the organic plane.
Brilliant senses mock a beating drum
of memories that
burn holes in sleep
while uniting under sun,
and shatter the night
like glass
with a gentle touch.


[The eulogy sounded distant]

The eulogy sounded distant. A cry from a mist saturated tree
gathering. Arms and hopeless spirits were raised high only to
fall at their feet. When the trumpet sounded everything
exploded in front of their eyes. Dusting off this relic meant a
clear reflection of their triumph and tragedy was visible.


[Let's break the compass and veer toward a new direction]

Let's break the compass and veer toward a new direction;
avoid its cold circuit breathing, as this exercise is austerity.
Aviation, a motor, and ego will give rise to their new argument.
Of a soldier's right to morphine, why not simply spill our guts
once we have been blown open? Let me not rebel against luna­
cy, as I am already hoarse. I will not rise above my station by
allowing feelings of empathy with my patron to gain entry. I
will xRx into acute discomfort in order to sedate my alter in
hopes of finding cause with you. I, the wretch, will rise from
the ashes of my valor, poison the bloodline, and bind me to my
medicine. Let me fuse.


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