Fathom 2002



Inside Cover




Kate Buttery (3)
Julie Perkins(5)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee (2)
Kirsten Horn
John W. Parker (2)
Elena Krasnova
Jonathan Samuel (3)
Sarah Riley
Melodie Umanetz
Olivia Brown and Jessica Young
Fergus J. O'Connor V, Esq. (2)
Gareth Robinson
Charles Ryan (2)
Solange Hupe (4)
Dani Anna Jansen (2)



Angela Pratt
Travis West


Gareth Robinson



Who are you wearing?

i sit, within my suit made from the fabric of
and cheap Pewter in a storm of wasted money,
resurrected memories, and grotesquely jealous glitter.

oceans of bought tears flow from blushed
faces and splatter on expensive rented suits,
wet thunder hitting Silken pavement.

some wrapped in Wool, Burlap or the Silk of
some glittered with Gold, Silver, or Pewter.
the further the expense, the richer the tears.

the price of glitter at the cost of happiness.
instinct knows: pulling the Velvet gleam
from maturity wastes the price of a ticket.

The moon rotates the moods of people and
and months on dusted laminated photographs
mutter the memories once cried and paid for.

But the mosquitoes remember not a price tag,
but memory.


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