Fathom 2002



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Kate Buttery (3)
Julie Perkins(5)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee (2)
Kirsten Horn
John W. Parker (2)
Elena Krasnova
Jonathan Samuel (3)
Sarah Riley
Melodie Umanetz
Olivia Brown and Jessica Young
Fergus J. O'Connor V, Esq. (2)
Gareth Robinson
Charles Ryan (2)
Solange Hupe (4)
Dani Anna Jansen (2)



Angela Pratt
Travis West


Sarah Riley



Thawing the Queen

Buzzing frost
Weighting lashes
Half dosing her eyes
Glazed like a silent sky
            Heavy snow
            Flakes thick like bees
            Make bouncing shadows
            Churn cool 'gainst the window
                        While she feels
                        Soft and sliding
                        Drips of smooth honey
                        Fall her flushed cheek slowly
                                    From brief mounds
                                    White melting wet
                                    Swelled round languid curls
                                    Like a hive trailed with pearls


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