Fathom 2002



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Kate Buttery (3)
Julie Perkins(5)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee (2)
Kirsten Horn
John W. Parker (2)
Elena Krasnova
Jonathan Samuel (3)
Sarah Riley
Melodie Umanetz
Olivia Brown and Jessica Young
Fergus J. O'Connor V, Esq. (2)
Gareth Robinson
Charles Ryan (2)
Solange Hupe (4)
Dani Anna Jansen (2)



Angela Pratt
Travis West


Julie Perkins



[The need to have myself completed]

The need to have myself completed,
Erected into a statue,
And a field of flowers.
Or shrunken,
To fit into the palm of your hand,
Or a pocket,
Of your pant leg.
And travel the depths,
Of shorelines that don't exist.
And mountains,
Which keep us company
In the stillness of night air,
Black except for diamonds,
Best viewed,
On my back.


[Saturday morning]

Saturday morning.
I'm sprawled on the bed,
You on the chair,
Sipping my water.
And you're miming the words
Of a song-smiling,
And I'm tapping my fingers against my head.
I can see the blue sky
In the far off someplace,
Birds flying by,
This is a perfect moment.


[I searched for you]

I searched for you
In everything
Displayed as something new.
I tried to find a part
That I could tie you down to,
Holding you.
Until I caught up.
The distance that stretched out before me,
Grew immeasurable.
Daylight changed to darkness,
And my tears blurred the light
Into an altar bent on sacrificing
The covenant we formed,
In times of personal weakness
And confusion.


[I was busy wishing]

I was busy wishing
Time away,
When it left.
Walked out the door,
Alongside me.
When I slammed it shut.
I wasn't thinking,
That someday,
I would forget the reason why
And wonder what happened.
Who took the banner,
And unplugged the lights?
Who stopped talking,
And elected not to care?
The clock ran out of batteries
Displaying a cold blank face.
Everything that mattered,
Reduced to boxes.
The windows,
Burned my reflection
As I stood watching the snow
Fall down,
In April.


[It / Lay / Down with me]

          Down with me­-
               And the waves never
As that night with
                         And flame
                         Of cigarettes
                    We had
                    For our years.
                         It happened
                                      To be
                                             Me and you
                                             And him and me
                                             And nights
                                             Dragging in to
                                             And twilight
                                             Scattered frag­
Of kodachrome
                                             On boats
                                                   And by beaches
                                             On rocks
                                                   And by banks
                                             On the stairs
                                                   And on me
     Summer was
            Never as


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