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Kate Buttery (3)
Julie Perkins(5)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee (2)
Kirsten Horn
John W. Parker (2)
Elena Krasnova
Jonathan Samuel (3)
Sarah Riley
Melodie Umanetz
Olivia Brown and Jessica Young
Fergus J. O'Connor V, Esq. (2)
Gareth Robinson
Charles Ryan (2)
Solange Hupe (4)
Dani Anna Jansen (2)



Angela Pratt
Travis West


Solange Hupe



Hot Breath of the Mud-Man and Me, the Pulse

Don't lose touch now.
One foot went so well
        in front of the other

Infinitely determined
(well at least until the death-severance),

but now
its three steps left
                                and a stumble

turning me in circles
spinning me fast
boring me deep into the ground
or spinning me up
in the whirlwind,
in the hot air
streaming from your head.

You think so much
for so little thought!

Muddying up the walls of your office,
pressing down on my chest,
sucking my face
        like far too hungry kisses.

The atmosphere thickens all around you
as you move through it,
It all falls into your density.

With you,
it's all about exhaling
no in
        no out
no left
        no right
nothing balances and
nothing moves forward


Popular Theme Song

Flavoured toes,
neon girls,
voluptuous thoughts
ringing like summer evening
wedding bells,
buzzing and grinding
in the rhythmless ears of the
The charmers play
with breasts hanging out,
juicy smiles
smeared all over their faces,
and the snakes dance,
with drool in the corner
of their grins.


When you Lay your Lips on Another

I feel your clean hard foot
in the middle of my bowels
pushing in,
I keel over,
my forehead hitting the floor,
cement passing through my brain,
causing convulsive shivers to shake
the flesh loose from my bones.
Your love's mirage
covered long, thick spikes
and I walked right in
piercing my eyes
piercing my heart
piercing my lungs
and now I bleed and liquefy
into a puddle on the floor
over the glass
from our
picture frame
now spontaneously shattered.


Stepping out of Mute Shadows

All this poetry
is turning me on
In a way
that reminds me
of you.

The richness of words,
the raw kisses
licking the inside
of my skin,
the subtle moving
               and shifting
of all matter in the universe,

all that's trivial
fizzling out

the growth
        of the abstract,
the increased
of breath.
the melody      the rhythm       the flow


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