Fathom 2001



Inside Cover



Gillian Brown (2)
Jessica Moore (2)
Annie Clifford
Paromita Admikari
Erin Whitmore
Wesley J. Furlotte
Morgan Dambergs
Angelene T. Hutt (2)
Laura Kingdon
Sarah “Felloway” Feltham
Lauren Kirshner
Stephen O’Brien
Solange Hupe (2)
Nicholas Munroe
Steven Wendland


Valentyna Galadza
Neil Terry

Drawings and Photos

Marybeth Carty (3)
Emily Comeau
Jessica Moore (2)
Peter Herbert Langille (2)


Lauren Kirshner




Today is the first birthday without M.
I will collect the crumpled crepe paper, robin’s egg blue and
yellow and I will put them up, but I don’t care.
There will be no phone call from M. no broken wishes,
nothing nothing nothing. none. There will be no cigs in the
ashtray no yellow undershirts to launder no no no.
I forget now your kiss and smile.
Two parched hands with black fingernails and gold identification
bracelet on the wrist, hello my name is M. please call police I am lost.

There will be no rustle of slippers, no dirty dish in the sink no old­-
fashioned razor
blades by the soapdish no Cyrillic newspapers, underlined words in black
2B pencil
sometimes lover; always critic.
Yes, it would annoy me when you opened the car door before the engine
was turned off
it is a hazard I would drawl. your cheapness. your mismatched socks,
holy undershirt

bored eyelashes, starvation eyes, wonder bread boy on a wonder bread

today I am eighteen, I imagined you would live much longer than this
deserve more than plywood box in nameless desert town where now you lie
among cacti and bougainvillea that is dying of the thirst that I crave,
I crave it so bad.
I remember so long ago you bought me watermelon from a broken-toothed
man with a wheelbarrow and sad eyes, let me pick it out and watched me
beneath a lemon sun
that burned me into you.


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