Fathom 2001



Inside Cover



Gillian Brown (2)
Jessica Moore (2)
Annie Clifford
Paromita Admikari
Erin Whitmore
Wesley J. Furlotte
Morgan Dambergs
Angelene T. Hutt (2)
Laura Kingdon
Sarah “Felloway” Feltham
Lauren Kirshner
Stephen O’Brien
Solange Hupe (2)
Nicholas Munroe
Steven Wendland


Valentyna Galadza
Neil Terry

Drawings and Photos

Marybeth Carty (3)
Emily Comeau
Jessica Moore (2)
Peter Herbert Langille (2)


Angelene T. Hutt



[The best moments in time]

The best moments in time,
are those when nothing else
seems to exist,
except that one exceptional being
you are sharing your
bewildering existence with.



Coloured lights BOUNCE
Around behind
My eyes for you.
My dewy skin is on FIRE
Screaming for your grace.
Screaming inside for
I stand within your
Abandoned shadow
Seeking the FRAIL
Unprepared boy
I wish I knew.


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