Fathom 2001



Inside Cover



Gillian Brown (2)
Jessica Moore (2)
Annie Clifford
Paromita Admikari
Erin Whitmore
Wesley J. Furlotte
Morgan Dambergs
Angelene T. Hutt (2)
Laura Kingdon
Sarah “Felloway” Feltham
Lauren Kirshner
Stephen O’Brien
Solange Hupe (2)
Nicholas Munroe
Steven Wendland


Valentyna Galadza
Neil Terry

Drawings and Photos

Marybeth Carty (3)
Emily Comeau
Jessica Moore (2)
Peter Herbert Langille (2)


Paromita Admikari



[believe in new beginnings]

believe in new beginnings
correct mistakes
play games
think about tomorrow
help someone if they need help
study hard
discipline yourself
remember important lessons
function in foreign environments
embrace change
believe in _______
remember yesterday
try not to resume after assuming
it is okay to be annoyed sometimes
have tolerance
pay attention
speak to be understood
listen to understand
there are reasons for many things
question happenings
inquire about intentions
start at the end
find hidden agendas
love and receive love
seduce harmony
give and get
create to express
do not suffocate strength
do strive for excellence
make sense of actions
try to explain
tell stories
imagine the audience naked
shine light on shadows
nurture awareness
redirect agony
explore innocence
make simple things
play with glue
read textbooks
call friends on birthdays
fly a kite
smell flowers
try to make rainbows
play to win
truth hurts
that way
this way
get through the phases
imagine eternity
magnify possibilities
try harder
discover new places
look around
know when to say no
experience life
people say things they do not mean
believe in honesty
know when to shut up
be patient
be happy
be hold
strive to be understood
ask a question
test the border
contain infinity
study interesting things
read everyday
calm down
be excited
breathe in
breathe out.


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