Fathom 2000



Inside Cover



Vicki Combden (2)
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee
David Lee
Ritu Malhotra
Kent Fraser
Cameron Thorne-Humphrey (2)
Gina M. Granter


Shawna Ferris
Jane Affleck
Phil Neville


Cameron Thorne-Humphrey



A Piece of Sky

A cold
  turbid sea
A frozen
  numb city

Ice in the B a s i n
Ice in the C i t y

A conscience caught up in time


Animal Farm

The cancer of blind faith grows in someone’s brain
seeds of desensitization
sown by informational farmers
with computerized livestock,
genetically engineered opinions,
with a predisposition for death.
Don’t worry though,
all in the name of productivity
this century’s going to be a bumper crop...


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