Fathom 2000



Inside Cover



Vicki Combden (2)
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee
David Lee
Ritu Malhotra
Kent Fraser
Cameron Thorne-Humphrey (2)
Gina M. Granter


Shawna Ferris
Jane Affleck
Phil Neville


Ritu Malhotra



Wedding Dreams

As she lays alone,
Her white, lacy, gown matching
The paleness in her skin -
Absent of any smudge of scarlet.

“Only eight years old...” she hears
In the distance
As she thinks of her two eight year old twins
When she would be in her thirties,
Married to the cute boy down the street.

She hears footsteps
Coming closer to her,
Evoking her thoughts
Of the little twins
Running towards her.

Flower petals falling on her.
She feels them as she dreams
Of the rice being thrown
From her friends at her wedding
On a warm spring day.

“My little girl... gone...” she hears
From her mother,
As she thinks about her
Mother at the wedding,
Realizing she’s grown up into a woman.

Wanting to comfort her mother,
She tries to open her eyes,
Tries to reach up,
Tries to talk,
But she cannot move.

She hears a loud noise
Closing her in,
And it muffles the sounds,
But she hears the wails
Of sadness even louder.

“Mommy! Mommy! I’m still here!”
She wants to cry out but gives up hope,
As her wedding dreams
Are closed in and deathbed
Carried away with her inside.


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