Fathom 2000



Inside Cover



Vicki Combden (2)
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee
David Lee
Ritu Malhotra
Kent Fraser
Cameron Thorne-Humphrey (2)
Gina M. Granter


Shawna Ferris
Jane Affleck
Phil Neville


Gina M. Granter




little dolly drinks her milk and she’s
proud ‘cause “milk makes you strong”
he told her one hour before throwing her
into a wall
and bones may not break but dolly
you know your skin is so soft
and takes to those royal colours too well

and he taught her many lessons
because that was his job he said
“watch out for them boys dolly
they don’t really come with their underwear
molded on like a ken doll”

“there is a reason those contents are hidden”
he said.

she understood, also, though,
that if there was a reason for that then
men should wear mittens or winter muffs all the time
those hands are capable of so much
those hands, those arms
every part being bigger
so big that men don’t really need to drink milk
but grasp and suck at breasts anyway

yes dolly, men do strange things but
they tell you “drink your milk” so you do so
keep drinking your milk, darling
keep drinking


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