Fathom 2000



Inside Cover



Vicki Combden (2)
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Jennifer Lyn Durkee
David Lee
Ritu Malhotra
Kent Fraser
Cameron Thorne-Humphrey (2)
Gina M. Granter


Shawna Ferris
Jane Affleck
Phil Neville


Jennifer Lyn Durkee




A northbound wind
whispers low and soft­-
an ocean aphrodisiac
beckoning towards the thundering swells
turning fear to fire in an instant,
bringing delicate white crystals of foam
and the salty tang of spray through the air.

Stray beams of light coyly peek
through keyholes in the cloud-saturated sky,
and dance merrily on the backs of periwinkles
nestled in the shallow pools
held gently by the weathered rocks

And the steady pulse of the ocean waves
ever caressing the gray-green rocks
blackened by the tide
turns the rumpled ruggedness of stone to silk
with each swell of dark, swirllng liquor
they etch their initials into the ashen cliffs
with each joyful serenade
of water against the earth,
softening the silence and echoing
against an endless sky.

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