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jessica moore (2)
A. Zachary Wells (2)
E.M. Caine
Jessie Chalmers (2)
Jantine Saul
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Erin Whitmore
Christine Squire (2)
Gina M. Granter (2)
Paul McPherson
c.a. ackland
Natalie Doiron
Jessica Henderson
Luke Dobek
Melanie Muise
V. Combden
Catherine Roberts
Jenny A. Johnson
Steven Wendland


Steve Schimp


Steven Wendland



The Void

Melancholic awareness across an unrealized America.
The realization that food and sleep are necessary;
Booze is wiser than those who drink it.
To know unknowable fathers on a desolate winter morning,
Lying in bed.
To wake up in a strange bed with a heart not acknowledged.
Monstrous cities;
Falling in Love at every intersection.
The crooked, coarse, crazed, simple secret of ever-heart
is beating amidst the fogs of random harbour towns.
An infinite embrace of the downtrodden lost soul;
A picture detailed enough that the fanatics might
grasp their hindrance of Jesus’s pure intent.
Dead all at once;
Born on the same day.
Where do we turn in the void, Jack?



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