Fathom 1999



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jessica moore (2)
A. Zachary Wells (2)
E.M. Caine
Jessie Chalmers (2)
Jantine Saul
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Erin Whitmore
Christine Squire (2)
Gina M. Granter (2)
Paul McPherson
c.a. ackland
Natalie Doiron
Jessica Henderson
Luke Dobek
Melanie Muise
V. Combden
Catherine Roberts
Jenny A. Johnson
Steven Wendland


Steve Schimp






Minds fuse and evolve
Minds fuse and dissolve
Minds fuse and evolve and dissolve

Still a glimpse of cold harsh yesterday
Can not wash elements of smile away
Two below the wave one chilled above
Pages turn oddly in God’s book of windlove

Maybe this wave is like me
Put on pause before it is set free
A bead with more beads in a bean bag
An ant with more ants and miserably sad
The water a wave to be

Resting on water dry not wet
Wave’s mind and mine have just met
A solid liquid confused and waiting to crash
Toward ocean’s fast contemplation

So close
Yet the harbour is far away
The coast
Lit by misty moonlight rays...

On the verge of falling
A wave halts in slow limbo
Crash splash drop drip
As ocean’s bucket fills
Wish wash swash swish
I wonder if it will


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